by Silenced

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released May 11, 2017

Music and lyrics by Silenced
Recorded by Alec Lane and Glenn Buckley
Mixed by Alec Lane
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering




all rights reserved


Bad Noose Perth, Australia

Shows. Webzine. Record Label.

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Track Name: Clout

Water fills my lungs
Finally coming undone
Trying not to drown
As I climb another rung
This life was never made for me
Holding on to sanity
Gasp for air and walk the line
Trapped inside my mind

I curse the day you walked out
Shattered all doubt with one swift clout to the head
Left longing at the edge of a cliff
Stare into nothing, eternal rest
Some days I question why I’m still depressed
Most nights I find myself wishing I was dead

Haunted by these demons
Positive thoughts begin to recede
Hold me under lock and key
Til I can finally breathe with ease
You swore that this would never end
Cut me in in half when I found out
It was all pretend

I hold my eyes
And hide my mind from all I’ve said
Sever all indifference
Got me begging for the end
I count up all the times
I’ve been lied to by so-called ‘friends’
Hang me out to dry
Or leave me in the rain to drench
I never thought it would end up like this

Lead into abyss
Don’t fucking wanna be missed
Don’t ask, if you don’t wanna know
Eyes closed, rope around my throat
Track Name: Shatter

When you see me, look the other way
Cos I’ve been counting down the days
Til I’m dancing on your grave
And if you rub me the wrong way
It’s lights out, flip the switch, motherfucker

Doing time in my mind
No turning back this time
Irritation of eyes
Nothing could scratch the itch
I think back to the times
I wasn’t this far gone
A eulogy to my past
I’m flying off the hitch

Your shadow shakes me
Now I can’t stand this fucking place
I know you hate me
One foot in the grave, too late
I can’t be saved

Doing time in my mind
Irritation of eyes
Nothing could scratch the itch

Suffer in rot
Nerves decay until I drop
Eyes widen while my blood clots
Suffocate ’til my heart stops
Track Name: Burn

Losing my mind, body and soul
Can’t help the fact that you can see all these holes
Digging my grave, I’ve lost all control
Going insane as time takes its toll
Can’t be saved, death writes the next page
Can’t contain my rage in this cage
Far from the path
Now I’m going the wrong way
I heal my soul from this pain
Erase these thoughts from my brain

My eyes, agonise as I watch life slip
Noose around your neck
Teeth clenched, kick the chair
Gonna feel death’s grip
Knife. Back.
Blood runs cold, hear lies drip
My eyes, see death’s grip.

I know I told myself I’d never regret
The things I’ve done, but people change
And now I’ll never forget
That dead look you gave has stuck with me yet
I’m pushing harder
Just to keep this fucking weight off my chest
Now I, walk hard, stand tall
Keep it moving forward, answer the call
Stay strong, carry on
Gun to my head, wish you my best with it all

Nothing but war and torture
Look me in the eye you coward
Agony inside, pull the trigger, now you hide
Suck my soul dry, tell me another lie
Run and hide from me and I
Run and hide, do or die
Track Name: Symptoms

Can’t fucking sleep
When will my suffering cease?
I’d take anything
To put my mind at ease
I’d do anything
Just to breathe free
Now I’ve lost my patience
Death by anticipation
A shell of what I was
Lay me in the grave
Eternal soul damnation

I’m burning up
Moving closer to my end
I’ve had enough
Heart-rate climbing higher yet

All the voices in my head
Will never let me forget
These severed tongues
Quiver softly on repeat
Growing louder til they cease

Now I’m deafened by the silence
I walk alone in the crowd
Most days, I pray for violence
Try and cross me now